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24th November 2015

Flavours of Herriot Country Awards

This is my first ever blog and I don’t really know where to start…
Recently, having celebrated two years of ‘The Curious Table’ we have won our first award and quite frankly, I am chuffed to bits with it! The award was for ‘the best customer service‘ at The Taste of Herriot 2015 awards in Layburn.

Winner - Flavours of Herriot Country 2015
This award means the world to me because it shows what a great team we have, everybody works with a smile and wants to be there (or at least I think they do anyway!!!). Customer service is a real bug bear of mine especially when I’m out for a meal… is a smile, a ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ or a ‘how are you today’ too much to ask for!? and quite frankly it annoys me! So to keep me happy my guys must be doing something right, like I said it is 100% a team effort.

On the day we were also up for another award ‘Tearoom of the year’ which we were also a finalist for but didn’t win. That was disappointing but I shouldn’t be greedy… What can I say, I like to win things! Having won I obviously had to tell the world through our Facebook and twitter page, which went mad… it was nice to see people felt we deserved it and were genuinely thrilled for us!

Following on from the event we travelled to Masham to the Black Sheep brewery and had a couple of drinks which was great as I had never been there before, we then followed this up with a celebratory meal at The Aldwark Arms which was, as always, excellent and a real must for anybody in the area!

Blog number 1 done, when you are in Easingwold make sure you come in for one of our coffees and some good customer service!!!

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